High quality European patents

Specialist European patent validations provider

Valet Patent Services Limited is a European patent law firm, founded in 2018. We specialize in European patent filing, European patent validation, design, and trademark attorney representation in a variety of European jurisdictions including:

European Patent Office (EPO)

European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

UK Patent Office (UKIPO)

French Patent Office (INPI)

We handle all areas of intellectual property (IP) work including drafting, filing, prosecution and opposition.


European Patent Filings (EPO, UKIPO, INPI)

We file European (EP), United Kingdom (GB) and French (FR) patent applications.

We provide preferred clients with a flat service fee structure which is unrivaled among European patent attorney firms. Europe patent validation, UK patent filing, EP patent filing, cost-effective European Patents can help you.

We streamline the administration and legal as well as business processes to achieve maximum efficiency. This results in a cost-effective offering enjoyed by our clients.

European Design filings

We file European (EU), United Kingdom (GB) and French (FR) design patent applications. For EU design patent applications (prosecution through the EUIPO), we offer an unbeatable package for filing to grant for a fixed fee including all official fees. Generally, the design patent will be granted within one week of filing the application.  If you would like further information on our design patent filing-to-grant service, please contact us here.

European Trademark filings

We file European (EU) and United Kingdom (GB) trademarks for our clients. We offer an unparalleled flat fee per Trademark filing. If you would like further information on our Trademark filing service, please contact us here.

Valet Patent Services specializes in cost-effective European patent validation work. For European Patent Office – EPO – patent validation projects, we have a team of specialists and experienced paralegals and a network of reliable agents throughout Europe. All of our translations for each patent validation task are managed by patent professionals who are native speakers, local to the target jurisdiction. For your next EP patent validation project, get an instant quote with our European patent validations cost calculator.

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