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Approximately 50 European
patent validations successfully completed each month

Going through the validation process for a European Patent in different countries simultaneously can be a complex, time consuming and expensive procedure. Valet Patent Services is your cost-effective, single point-of-contact partner that handles the entire procedure with simple workflows so that you can focus on your own business.

European Patent Validation – What, When and How?

EP validation is the process of converting a single granted European Patent into a national patent in one or more of the 42 European Patent Organization member, extension and validation states.

The validation process typically involves high quality, technically-qualified translation of all or part of the patent, the payment of fees and the filing of documents within a certain time frame – usually three months from the European Grant Date.

The actual requirements vary between countries. Generally, there is a requirement to translate some or all of the European patent specification, to pay fees at the local patent office, and to appoint a local representative.  Valet Patent Services Limited offers a central service for completing all of these steps in each of your target countries.

EP Validation Deadline

The deadline for validation in most countries is three months from the European Grant date.

What makes us different?

We only use technically qualified, native translators who are often patent attorneys in the local jurisdiction.  We have arranged special fees with our local partners in each country and pass on significant discounts to you.  We believe that Valet Patent Services Limited is the lowest cost provider of European patent validation services.  We have tried-and-tested procedures that guarantee that all deadlines and formal requirements are satisfied.  We complete thousands of European patent validations each year and you can rely on the experience we have gained to complete your validation projects on time and without fuss.

We offer:

  • An easy validation management service with a single point of contact.
  • Competitive costs without any hidden expenses.
  • Certified patent translators for state-of-the-art translations.
  • Efficient follow-up management that provides renewals, annual
    payments and other IP related services.
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