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    Common Questions

    1. Why should I choose Valet Patent Services for a European Patent validation?

    At Valet Patent Services, we are focused on making your patent validation process as stress-free, easy and quick as possible. Our years of experience allow us to combine both a seamless and low-cost validation filing for your patent. Everything from translations to fees payment, to power of attorney and any other technicalities are covered.

    Our competitive advantage consists of offering you lower prices than the competition, as well as a personal level customer service which will ensure you a one of a kind experience. We guarantee a lower cost for patent attorneys, patent attorney firms, individuals, SMEs, corporations, and other organizations than any other European patent validation service provider such as Valipat, Envoy, Park IP, IPRIS, PRV, Dennemeyer, IP Centrum, Murgitroyd and MultiLing.

    2. How long would I need to wait to get my patent validation quote?

    After you fill out our form request here, we will contact you in less than an hour with an accurate and lower-cost patent validation quote. You will be able to make a decision quickly.

    3. How do I get my European patent validated with Valet Patent Services?

    1. Receive your publication of grant or notice of intention to grant for your European patent application from the European Patent Office.

    2. Enter the patent application publication number and countries for validation here.

    3. Receive our lowest cost quote within the hour for review.

    4. Send your order in reply to our quote.

    5. We will confirm your order and provide you with any necessary powers of attorney.

    6. We will handle the validation process for you.

    7. Once completed, we will provide a full report on the validation, any grant certificates and all patent details in each country.

    4. Do you use any intermediaries?

    Valet Patent Services offers you fully independent European Patent Validations. While we work with local agents in some European member states to ensure your validation meets all the requirements, we do not outsource to any intermediary provider and we are flexible in our relations with any local agents to ensure that we keep costs competitive.

    5. Which countries do you cover?

    We provide patent validation services for all the member states listed by the European Patent Office (EPO). Namely, these are the members of the European Union as well as Switzerland, Turkey, among others. You can consult the full list of countries here.

    6. How do I know deadlines will be met?

    As a result of our experience working to validate patents in each European member state, we have developed a streamlined process of patent validations that will ensure deadlines, as established by grant of your European Patent Office (EPO) patent, are comfortably met. Ensuring your patent rights in each country is our highest priority.

    Our service is offered at a lower cost for patent attorneys firms and corporations looking to validate patents in all European countries. We save you time and money.

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