We file European (EP), United Kingdom (GB) and French (FR) patent applications. We provide preferred clients with a flat service fee structure which is unrivaled among European patent attorney firms. Europe patent validation, UK patent filing, EP patent filing, cost-effective European Patents can help you. We streamline the administration and legal as well as business processes to achieve maximum efficiency. This results in a cost-effective offering enjoyed by our clients.  We file direct (12 months from first filing) patent applications and national and regional phase entry patent applications from International (PCT) applications. If you would like to receive a quote for our patent filing service that includes the patent office fees, please contact us here.

European Union Patent Annuities

We have developed a unique cost calculator for entering the EPO regional phase from a PCT application. The cost calculator retrieves the necessary PCT data from the EPO databases and provides an instant quote for entering the EPO regional phase for that PCT application. All you have to do is enter the PCT number. Give it a try here:

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