Amazon Appeals and Complaints

We have vast experience in handling Amazon intellectual property (IP) infringement complaints and infringement services both as defendant and complainant.

Sellers on Amazon® Europe often face problems with unauthorized sellers offering counterfeit products under their banner. In addition to potential lost profits, low quality counterfeits can be especially egregious when they have an impact on the real seller’s ratings and product reviews. A good reputation is well-deserved and hard-earned and action must be taken against copycats through an Amazon® infringement complaint procedure before damage is done.

From the opposite perspective, legitimate sellers may face undue IP infringement complaints from rights holders through Amazon® Europe complaints. Such unjustified complaints can lead to your products being unfairly taken down from the market place.

We can handle such Amazon® take-down issues and have a proven track record acting as an Amazon® agent. It generally proves more effective to use an agent (us!) to file or defend against an infringement complaint. We are able to fully explain the rights held, the scope of the rights, the nature of the IP infringement and consequences associated with non-compliance.

Because of our extensive experience in this area, we are able to advise on putting a proper strategy in place to protect your Amazon® market place.  Such a strategy includes securing your own registered IP rights, brand registry and even brand gating.

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