European patent validation – Why is quality of translation so important?


At Valet Patent Services, we believe that the quality of the patent translation filed at the national offices during European patent validation is of paramount importance.  Our team is made of a blend of experienced patent paralegals and patent attorneys.  As such, we recognize that low quality translations can significantly impair the rights of patent holders in each jurisdiction.  This is why we only use patent professionals who are native speakers for our translations.  Our translators are usually patent attorneys before the local patent office relevant to the patent validation.  In this way, we can guarantee the technical and linguistic quality of our patent translations that are filed during validation.


Under Article 69 of the European Patent Convention, the authentic text of a European patent is the translated version in the official language of the validation country when the translation is narrower in scope than the original language version and unless that country has given notice otherwise.  In some countries, if the translation does not correspond to the text in the original language of the European patent, the protection conferred only extends to the subject matter disclosed in both texts.


We have translation quality as a central pillar of the validation services that we provide.  Unlike some of our competitors, we will not work with generalist translators who are not technically familiar with the subject matter of the European patent, who are not familiar with the unique language of patents and who are not native speakers.  You have worked too hard to get your European patent granted only for that work to be undone by an unreliable translation provider compromising the scope of protection of your European patent.


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